I am a semi retired Optometric Physician who has always had an interest and love for photography. My first camera  was an Argus Box from my Dad. That started a life long fascination with optics and light.

Over the years I have had the pleasure to use the Nikon F, FE, FE2, Coolpix 995 , D70 , Hasselblad and Pentax 645 cameras.  Currently I am using the Nikon D300, D7100 and V2.

My photography training came from reading many books and taking classes at Crealde Arts  in Winter Park, FL.  Professors and mentors like Peter Schreyer, Rick Lang and Bob Learner instilled an appreciation for the many moods of light and the documentary style of  photography.

Currently I am working on one  documentary project:

Georgia's   Antique Wall Signs